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Nutrition and cognitive decline

Cognitive decline caused by dementia is one of the leading causes of disability and dependency for older adults globally, and due to ageing populations around the world, the estimated 50 million people who currently suffer from dementia is projected to reach 100 million by 2050. Thus, dementia is considered a major public health issue. Considering this, healthcare professionals and researchers are beginning to focus on behaviors which could delay or even prevent the onset of cognitive decline. Research suggests that diet is an important lifestyle factor which could be an integral component in preventing cognitive decline and dementia in older age. Observational studies consistently demonstrate correlations between certain dietary habits and cognitive performance, however randomized clinical trials have struggled to confirm such findings.

In this week’s episode, specialists discuss the results of their recent studies and give insights on the implications that their research could have for dementia prevention. The topics up for discussion this week include: high intake of ultra-processed food associated with cognitive decline, intermittent fasting in Alzheimer’s disease, omega-3 consumption in the prevention of dementia in APOE4 carriers, and the REACTION trial assessing a multi-nutrient drink for age-related cognitive decline.

Date: 5th December 2022