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AD/PD 2022 | An all-in-one tool for automatic brain connectivity analysis

Changes in brain connectivity are a common feature across the field of neurological disease. Impairments of network integrity may be the earliest sign of neurodegenerative disease and strong predictors of cognitive decline. Dr Butz-Ostendorf outlines some of the key functionalities of the NICARA connectome assessment tool, used to run fully automated processing of brain connectivity from raw images. The connectome browser and builder provide thousands of publicly available connectomes and the software required to extract structural and functional brain connectivity information from raw images to create individual connectomes from one’s own data. The connectome comparator then enables comparisons of full brain or subnetwork connectomes at individual and group levels. This interview took place at the AD/PD™ 2022 Conference in Barcelona, Spain.


Dr Butz-Ostendorf is an employee of Biomax.